Friday, 12 June 2009


Kosong ertinya tiada. Tumpuan kepada study membuatkan blog ini sepi seketika.
i. alhamdulillah, baru saja dapat surat daripada Dr. Peter Willats - the research has been approved by the UREC;
ii. have to wake up at the early morning, i.e. 4 - 5 am coz of discussion with Malaysian school principals - berpinau mata, pening tak cukup tidur;
iii. have to submit chapter 1 and 2 before leaving United Kingdom for data collection purposes;
iv. have to prepare for two conference papers which is on 23rd of June 09 and in November 2009;
v. need to ammend all the questionnaires due to some errors;
vi. need to prepare all the reasearch tools including camcorder, audio recorder, survey forms, etc;
vii. ... buah tangan anak-anak buah?
... ceroh perut lah ...

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